Jakob Reid (R3IDY) is a 20-year-old upcoming DnB DJ/Producer from Burton-on-Trent. R3IDY loves to make tracks inspired by Trex, Ill Truth, Skeptical, Teej and more. R3IDY’s sound also is inspired by labels such as Sofa Sound, Dispatch Recordings and many big imprints in the Drum’n’Bass Industry. As a DJ, R3IDY’s been on lineups supporting big icons in the Drum and Bass Industry. Artists include Nicky Blackmarket, Annix, Critical Impact, Trex, Ill Truth, Alcemist, Wingz etc. R3IDY is also a resident of Yamatai Records and Phase Records, representing alongside an array of talented DJs/Artists pushing the boundaries of this genre. Having been in the scene for a year, R3IDY has released on labels such as Trust Audio, Rebel Music and Liondub and recently produced a track for Natty D on DnB Allstars. His sound is becoming more and more distinctive with the dark, gritty taste in his sound design and drums. R3IDY is no stranger to making deep knuckle-duster roller Drum and Bass and will hear more output from himself this year.