Genesis VA Pt.1

So here we have it, the final release from us at Yamatai Records for 2022, and what a year it has been! After almost a year of planning, with countless hours of scouting fresh talent to represent Yamatai, back and forth with art designers to get the right design and multiple final track touch-ups we can finally introduce the 20 track monster the ‘Genesis VA’. This VA includes lots of amazing upcoming talent in the Drum & Bass scene all of who have their own unique sound and style. Featuring artists who have released on Delta 9, Engage Audio, Program, Forbidden Frequencies, 4 Corners, Sinful Maze and Incurzion Audio we have a very very talented bunch of artists on this VA. To make the thank you even better for the support this year the ‘Genesis’ VA is a free download with two release dates, starting on December the 16th and then the final release on January 6th. I would personally like to thank all the artists involved in this huge project and for being so cooperative, also a shout out to Trigo Designs for whipping up such a beautiful album cover but also a massive thank you to R3IDY [R3 Masters] for being patient, and getting these tracks sounding incredible. I am super excited to finally share this project with you, and I can’t wait to see what you think :) Big ups James [Yamatai Records]