Surditas EP

Bringing the next batch of tracks to Yamatai in 2023 is the upcoming Drum & Bass titan Wallhack! ‘Jiří Volek a.k.a. Wallhack from Ostrava, Czech Republic is a D&B DJ and producer. Instead of blood, he has the essence of music and love for DnB in his veins.’ Releasing primarily on Sinful Maze and featuring on our Genesis VA, Wallhack is a force to be reckoned with. The Surditas EP is his best work yet, focusing heavily on the dark, techy vibes on every track. Jiri has absolutely smashed this release and we are over the moon to finally have him showcase his talent on the label with an EP. 4 monsterous tracks are featured. One featuring the boss man at Sinful Maze (Meph) and 3 other clinical cuts. All of which demonstrate excellent production techniques and understanding. Deep and dark things are coming.